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I think the objective of sharing a scanner would be to scan an image and have the scan sent to a different computer (ie not the scanner's host computer) on the network. However, I think that this is more easily accomplished by scanning to the host computer and then accessing the scanned image over the network (ie scan it to the computer to which the scanner is physically connected and then connect to that computer's hard drive oer over a network to access the scan)... I can imagine a number of scenarios that would make it possible to scan directly to a different computer on the network using software, but can't see how any would be an advance over just accessing the scanned image over the network. In fact every scenario I can think of would be significantly more complicated and labour intensive. The only time the extra steps would be an advantage is if one wished to scan sensitive information without other people on the network (particularly anyone with direct access to the scanner's host computer) having access to it. BUT if you're going to be scanning over the network, surely anyone on the network will have access to it, even if only briefly, anyway?

My brain hurts.

Carol Haynes:
The logic of sharing a scanner alludes me.
-cmpm (June 05, 2007, 08:24 AM)
--- End quote ---

Sounds painful - I think you mean "eludes me" ;)

Sorry for being a pedant.  :-[

Basically Im looking into sharing scanner for the following reason

My mum and dad have use ebay to sell stuff, they sit next to each other and have 2 scanners, but 1 scanner is crap (mums) and the other scanner is a good one with lightbox for scanning negitives (connected to dads)

Basically my mum wants to list negitives too, so having dads scanner shared so mum can use for the negitives she wants is ideal, as its next to her anyway.

Scanning to a folder would not be great for them, there into basic computing skills, and do alot on  the scanning tools for the items.
Unplugging the scanner etc is a bit of a pain to do as its all wired away for clean desktops.

Just looking for away around the issue without buying another £350 scanner.

Sorta explains the logic ;)
The logic of sharing a scanner alludes me.
--- End quote ---

Carol Haynes:
Why on earth would you spend £350 on a scanner ???

There are loads of good scanners out there that will be practically as cheap as buying USB sharing software.

Alternatively buy a couple of really cheap USB hubs and make it easy to unplug the scanner.

Here are some cheap scanners:

Canon Canoscan Lide 25 for £36 (OK this one doesn't do negatives but it is good quality)

Canon 4400F for £58 (and this one does slides and negatives too).

Both prices include VAT.

I love Canon scanners (I have had a 3000F and 3200F since they were first release and have never had any problems with them). They are really easy to use (just press a button on the scanner) and easy to set up (drivers install easily, you can assign the scanner buttons to do what you want).

If you want to see other similar models, including some cheap and cheerful Canon all-in-one solutions (printer, scanner and PictBridge compatible photo printing without a computer), have a look here

if they have a scanner that cost 350 Pounds,
presumably it's a very good one so  -
sharing would be attractive


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