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You're so right, Tom, about people being bitchy on the forums for some of these giveaway sites. I mean, fair enough to post and comment that you don't think that the offered software is very good or to point out a bug, but posting to lambaste the GOTD team/software development team because there are cheaper or free alternatives (or you would rather they offer a networking app instead) is constipated thinking in my opinion. I mean, if you are not being asked to pay for the software offered then it is essentially free, isn't it? Take it or leave it but no one's asking you to part with any cash for it. I guess my beef comes down to the tone used by people posting some of these negative comments. What's wrong with saying "thank you, but there are better solutions elsewhere" or "the product looks good but you'll sell more licences if you bring the pricing in line with..." or something along those lines instead of the haughty, superior, and BITCHY tone that many adopt instead. Ah well... what do I know (don't answer that Tom!)?

whomever has the scanner connected could scan the negative, place it on the flash drive, and then unplug it and hand it to the other. Worth a thought or two.-J-Mac (October 27, 2007, 01:52 AM)
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good point,
if you're the person who keeps getting asked to scan stuff ....
says me with a sheaf of papers sitting on my scanner :)
-tomos (November 04, 2007, 03:53 PM)
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Scanning antique negatives/slides? You think either really has much of a stack in their lap?   8)



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