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Carol Haynes:
That's the sort of thing I was thinking of Hirudin.

For a further choice of such switches see:

This one looks particularly good value at £12.30 (inc. VAT) and it is USB 2.0 (take care, a lot of the devices are USB1.1 which is 40 times slower):,4294956958

Thanks for the advice guys, KVM maybe the best solution.

But i did have a brainwave last night :P

My dads Lightbox head for scanner is removable, So if i get a cheap epson scanner thats got a port on back so can attach optional extras then i can just use the scanner lid on other scanner.

I've used a Keyspan USB server for several years.  It can be a bit cranky to set up, but works very nicely with my Canon MP-730 printer/scanner/fax.  It's the only one I could find that did so.

Timmy Milas:
You can try USB Redirector PRO v3.2 from  :Thmbsup:

Another option that might be easier is to use a Wireless print server like the DLink 1260.  It sets up any USB printer OR SCANNER and allows them to be used on the network.  You can connect them wired or wireless, though to set up you need to do so wired.  I just set one up two nights ago for a client and it only took an hour to set up 3 computers with 4 different devices on it wirelessly.  I think we charged them around $120US, including installation, though don't quote me on that...


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