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Share Usb Devices

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Anyone ever tried any of the share usb programs?

I found these:

USB anywhere:
USB to Ethernet Connector:
USB over Network:

I been looking into ways of Setting up my scanner so the whole house can access it, and found these programs, i never heard of any of them before, anyone tried them, or know of a Freeware/Open Source Program or way to share usb to network

Cool! I'm very interested too.
Thanks for sharing.

Carol Haynes:
Looks interesting - but not exactly cheap (the first looks like best value but is tied to the computer by its license code).

If you only need this for a single device (eg. a scanner) it is probably more convenient, and possibly cheaper, to buy another device! Printers and Harddisks don't need this anyway as windows can share them anyway.

The logic of sharing a scanner alludes me.
Since what you want to scan would need to be put in the scanner, requiring going to the actual scanner.
Unless it's the same thing you want to scan into a computer that is already in the scanner.
A scanner requires manual input, unless I'm missing something here.

You can set your scanner to a destination of shared documents on another computer. By creating a shortcut to various computers. At least on some scanners.

Allowing access to the scanned whatever, Though you may need the software for the scanner on each computer.


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