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Seadragon:AWESOME photo viewing & Photosynth:AWESOME community photo processing


This video blew my mind! I actually think Seadragon looks more useful, but Photosynth is just amazing!



Watch the whole video

By the way, I found this on Geekologie; probably a website we can all enjoy!

very cool stuff -- you can easily imagine the time when we will be able to start with a small image of the earth and be able to zoom in to any location in it at high resolution.  soon we will be able to travel the world from home.

OMG this is too sweet! Scary in the comprehension of what is possible. I look forward to this reaching endusers eventually.

Blown away, Looks amazing.. I tried the Photosynth last night, and it looks amazing

PS Geekologie Is cool Thanks... Portable ashtray!


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