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Rerun StartUp Folder

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I don't understand what environment variables has to do with it.  Please explain.  PATH is only needed to resolve programs which are not fully qualified, as I understand it.
-Kruskal (June 04, 2007, 01:22 PM)
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That is true, but I thought it was looking for a version of the rundll32.dll in that folder.  If it is not in the path and is not fully qualified, it would not find it there and hence not work.

Of course with the fix, we just proved that was not the case.  :D

 :) Originally ReRun tried to extract the name of the exe file from the command lines of the shortcuts, and compare it to a list of the running processes. This is not easy to do properly, so v1.1 instead compares the command lines of the shortcuts with a list of the command lines of the running processes.



I don't show recentrun even *installed*, yet just now Norton gave me two warnings:  first there is a Trojan horse in Copy of Recent Run and second one: recentrun.exe


I am using trial of RecentX but that's it.  Maybe I downloaded a copy of recentrun and never installed?   I'm so confused....

Norton isn't the best piece of antivirus software in the world, personally I'd prefer none at all to Norton...

that being said, many AV apps these days tend to have too many false positives, it's not the first time some AV app has triggered on an AutoHotkey or AutoIt script :/


glad to see someone else get bit by the copy and paste bug (damn thing gets me every time!!)

the ReRun links point to the BatteryRun files - not the headings, but the 'alternate' links underneath (I prefer to download the scripts - can't learn anything from a compiled exe file...)




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