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Er...what am I missing here?

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It turns out that windows does not let you put icon shortcuts in this area.  As was mentioned before, if you want to do this, use LaunchBar Commander, which will in fact let you create multiple docks with shortcuts and buttons, and resize them exactly the size you want.

What Desktop Coral is still good for is for programs like Samurize which draws stuff on your desktop background, since Desktop Coral can force areas to remain free from applications.

I was thinking that desktop coral would allow me to do things like put trillian windows (or word, or a folder of files that I'm working with) in their own protected spot on the desktop so that they are protected, yes?  Or am I misunderstanding the point of it?

If I try to move a window into the area that is "marked off", so to speak, as the desktop coral dock, they just move over to the edge of it and I end up with a lovely view of that part of my desktop, but I can't put anything there (window or shortcut or whatever). 

Am I just being dense, or what?   :(


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