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Er...what am I missing here?

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DesktopCoral sounds like it could be useful for me sometimes, but I don't understand how to put things into the dock area.  Dragging shortcuts from the desktop doesn't work, and there don't seem to be any instructions.

What am I missing?

DesktopCoral is an unusual program designed to "reserve" some portion of your desktop which is shielded from maximized applications..

Essentially, it acts like an invisible resizeable docking bar, which can be docked to any side of your desktop. This invisible dock acts as a barrier to maximized applications and essentially shields this area of your desktop from other applications.

Within this shielded area you might put certain application windows that you want to be always visible, or you might put one of the many desktop tools like a calendar or system information component.-Description of DesktopCoral
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In short, it's not a dock per se, it is just able to "block" a part of your desktop area from maximised applications, which is similar to what your average docking app does.

If you want a dock in the "toolbar sense", i.e. for shortcuts, I suggest LaunchBarCommander, also by mouser.

Within this shielded area you might put certain application windows that you want to be always visible
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That's the bit that sounds useful, but the configuration screen talks about adding shortcuts.  How do I put said programs into the blocked area? 

I think I'm being a bit of a dunce here....

I didn't try the program but from what i've read, i suppose you have to put the shortcuts on the desktop, under the blocked area. This way you can access them anytime because windows never go over this area and then keep these shortcuts visible.

Yes, that's what I thought.  But if you try to drag any shortcuts there, they are moved, because this part of the desktop is protected...


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