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Getting Started With Borland C++ Builder Q& A ?

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Here is question set that most of the newbies came up while using builder.Some questions may sound absurd but i m presenting in such way that answers to these will be a complete help file for any newbie.Please do take time to answer,some answers are in the help file but they sound too technical too understand for newbies.Consider text editor example and please take look at some questions:

1.How to read the whole project in terms of which files are meant for what purpose in C++ builder?(e.g form file,main1.cpp etc)

2.How to add standard menus to application(e.g. File | Edit | Help) ?

3.How to add action associated to these menus?

4.How to create Tabbed interface for opening multiple files(Consider text editor in thsi case)

5.How to add another wordspace area apart from Text editing area (Look at skyide that has left pane for project file browsing and another for editing).

6.How to add line numbers & line highlighting in text edit section?

Please add screenshots & code if possible or needed.Edit this post if you want to put it as tutorial or guide.If any thing requires additional componenet installation please explain in abt that component's installation in C++ builder.

Please do take some time to answer the question.Your help is much valuable to programmer newbie like me and many others.Thanking in advance.

Your help is much appreciated.

1-5 can be done purely visually, using the IDE.
Rather than people giving you a walkthrough with screenshots, the best advice other programmers like me can give you is to get used to using a search engine and figuring it out through experimentation.  All of the things you are asking are things that C++ Builder is *specifically* designed to make easy through point-and-click manipulation from inside the visual editor.  Get yourself a c++ builder book if you're going to use it seriously.

The last item #6 is going to require a 3rd party drop-in replacement editor component.  Adding such components is one of the fun parts about c++ builder, so your job now is to find one to use and learn how to install it into c++ builder.

But again, you don't really want to ask people's help for how to do these things..  Save your requests for help for when you get stuck *after* you've gone and done your searching and tried to figure it out for yourself :)

That's right mouser.I have tried some of the things and i'm stuck on it.I;m surreounded by poeples who dont know abt cpp builder its projects in my college.with trial n err i have come this close.please help me atleast with instructions.

mahesh2k I have to agree with mouser. The questions you have asked require you to read a tutorial. There is too much to discuss and personally (no offense) I don't have enough time to write a tutorial. I mean, SkyIDE doesn't even have a help file.

If you were already experienced we can point you at the right direction but the stuff asked above is too simple requiring detailed explanation. Definitely search Google for C+ Builder tutorials.

Some of those are found in the C++ Builder 6 help the text editor tutorial.

When beginning with C++ Builder, it is a good idea to start with that tutorial and do that project....then hit the rest of the help file...then google.

In case your version of C++ Builder doesn't come with the text editor tutorial, you can get a copy of the v6 help files here (have to register for free):


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