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IDEA: Open once a day between A and B o'clock only


I seem to keep forgetting this studytool of mine and am getting way behind schedule, so I am in need of a little thingy that will open the program once a day, and this one time only, and only between A and B o'clock (preferable 24 hours over AM/PM) - even if I reboot the PC several times during this periode. It is okay for the program to be placed in Start [Edit: Yes of course it is okay; it is necessary, isn't it].

Can this be done?  :tellme:

I have ToDo lists and RSS and calendar and.., but I don't look at them!

Skrommel has done something like this called OpeningHours.. Is this what you're looking for?

An alternative if you have Win XP is to use Scheduled Task. Here's a tutorial:

I never knew Windows could do this!   :-[

Thanks a lot to both of you   :up:


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