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Does anyone know of a program that can repair the Windows CD Burning function? The problem is that I am not able to write data files to a Lite-On CD/DVD combo.  I get an error 16389.

I think that something is messed up in the registry, because on my cloned Win xP Pro SP2 drive, I can write files to the CD, but on my main system I cannot.

I have uninstalled the driver, the hardware and reinstalled them.  I can get rid of the 16389 error, but  when I try to copy a file to the CD I get an error that Windows has encountered a problem and cannot copy the file.  No option but to cancel. 

The weird thing is that after encountering this problem for the past two weeks, I just tried a sendto and a copy and paste and neither operation got any errors, but I had no CD in the drive.  As soon as I put in a blank CD, the two files disappeared from 'files waiting to be copied' and I got the error again that windows was having a problem but no explanation.

I tried a couple of other CD burning programs but they did not work.  So I am looking for a way to fix the problem and have not been able to find a fix through web searches.

First: make sure the disk you're writing to is not a DVD disc - I don't think the built in Windows XP burning supports DVD media - I think they added DVD support for Vista.

If that's not the case, try this:

1) open the properties for the CD Drive (right click on the drive letter in Windows Explorer and select Properties).
2) on the 'Recording' tab uncheck "Enable CD Recording on this drive"
3) Hit the Apply button
4) Check the "Enable CD Recording on this drive" box
5) hit OK

If that doesn't help, try enabling the IMAPI CD burning service (the following instructions are for Win Server 2003, but the same applies for WinXP):

Finally, maybe fixing problems with ASPI drivers (some burning utilities use them) might help.  The Windows built-in CD burning facility does not use ASPI, but maybe if something else installed ASPI drivers and they got messed up somehow...

Adaptec ASPI drivers.  It also includes an 'ASPI Checker' program:

Some people believe that Nero's ASPI driver is better than Adaptec's:

I've tried all of the above except the Nero driver, and still can copy a file to a CD.  I had Roxio 8 installed and removed it, and thought I cleaned up everything but maybe not.  I am going to try to reinstall it and see what happens. 

some people have had real problems with conflicts between cd burning apps on rare occasion (roxio maybe), so its possible that some leftover cd driver stuff might be interfering?

That's why I was hoping to find a program that would restore all the Windowss CD Burning settings.  It is not a big deal for me as I can always use the clone drive to make CDs.  I just reinstalled Roxio and when I put a blank CD-R in the drive it says there is no disk to format.  Appreciate all the suggestions, but for me it's not worth spending any more time on.


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