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IDEA: Clipboard Chain broken notifier

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Idea is for an application that monitors the clipboard chain and lets you know when it breaks for troubleshooting what is causing it.

I'm having problems where the clipboard chain gets disconnected, but I don't what's the cause of it.
This happens every so often and even "repair clipboard chain" doesn't seem to do the trick (in this case it clipcache2.9).

Sounds like Clip Mate has something that is a similar function, but I really don't want to try having 2 clipboard managers running at the same time.

Is this something that can be done in AutoHotkey to test for the chain?


Well.. I'd recomend using mouser's Clipboard Help and Spell. I use it myself and i don't even know what it means to have the clipboard chain disconnected :P

we have had several discussions here on the clipboard chain.. btw, if you're doing programming work, this is a good place to start.. All you ever wanted to know about the Clipboard... :)


I searched for clipboard chain, but didn't get anything...
Ah -- It looks like the standard Donation Coder search won't dig anything up, you need to go with the google search of to get results.

Sorry Lanux - not that level of programmer to use the information you linked to, more script tinkerer.

Maybe just a question - if the clipboard chain gets broken, does it break all links or just ones "after it" (if this is how it works).

Does a new application launching that uses the clipboard chain automatically go to the end of the list?  Just wondering if when an application is started can affect how often it would be affected by other applications.  This might be useful to add a simple application that checks for something getting added to the clipboard every time CTRL+C is pressed.  At least I think this should be easy in Autohotkey, just add a pass through script for CTRL+C and monitor for a clipboard change.  If it receives a CTRL+C, but no change report, there may have been an issue.



Perhaps this is useful for you:

ArsClip offers a "clipboard chain break notification". There's also an option to enable an extended checking.

Automatic clipboard chain break detection

UPDATE: Vista users can and should disable chain break detection, since breaks are no longer present on the Vista operating system.

Unfortunately, any program can mess up the "clipboard chain", because it is left up to the program to correctly handle clipboard messages. ArsClip has a workaround for this. It checks the contents of the clipboard every 1 minute to make sure that it was automatically notified of the current items arrival. If it wasn't, it will display an error message, and then transparently fix any future problems this session without bugging you. This can help you track down programs that break any clipboard monitors. For example, if you run a program and copy an item to the clipboard and up to a minute later you get this ArsClip error message, you can be pretty sure that program can break the windows clipboard chain. Please let me know of any programs you use that break the chain.

ArsClip nows monitors for programs that may have crashed or left the clipboard chain without properly notifying windows. This helps detect chain breaks much earlier and increases the accuracy of detecting problem programs.

There is an option (under Config -> Clipboard) to disable the Notification window all together, but it is only recommended for advanced users.

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