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IDEA: Fix ReDownload of Incomplete Downloads

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I've lost the file that I couldn't use a download manager for.  Next time I come across 1 I will post the address in this thread.

It was addressed to you  :up:

I'm not quite sure what you are trying to acheive.

If you want a streaming file to try (whatever you trying to on) you could you could use URL Snooper 2 in the downloads section to find the URL.

There is loads of stuff availble for streaming download at BBC Radio, try here:

Here is one you could try: rtsp://

it is a 30 minute radio programme "Muriel Gray's Trip off the Tongue" from a recent Radio Scotland broadcast. (She can be a wicked wee lassie too)
-CarolHaynes (September 08, 2005, 07:42 PM)
--- End quote ---

I think you have mis-understood my posts.  My posts were in response to the OP who was looking for resuming a cached file.

I have no need for a download manager or streaming. 

I only mentioned streaming as a way a file on the internet may not be the actual file you are receiving since the OP mentioned about download managers not being able to grab all files from the internet.

I then mentioned about finding me a file that could not be downloaded via a download manager because I would try some things to figure out why it would file with a download manager..


Well guys, I know it's been over a year but for those who wanted to know... :P

I've found a file that I can't download.

The file is over 60 megs & I've tried to download it 5 times but the connection has been reset each time.

Veign, there are smaller files on the site.

I tried using GetRight but I got an incorrect referrer error message generated in an HTML file.  I remember in older versions of GetRight you could change the referrer but this does not appear to be the case for the current version.

thats just a normal zip file, should be no problem with flashget.

Thanx kimmchii.

You're right, FlashGet seems to be downloading this just fine.  I'm really surprised that GetRight can't download this & Flashget can.


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