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musicIP (as a player): wow

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I had slight trouble with playing the whole mix, I think the same applies to playing albums.
In every other player double clicking on the first song in a mix plays the whole mix.
In MusicIP it plays the one song only: double click on the label of the mix (usually called 'Mix' or the name of your playlist) plays the whole list. Probably the same thing applies to your album, try double clicking the album, that works.

You can see what is playing under "now playing".

And because you have double clicked on the first song in the list, it only plays one song, and you can't use the previous/next button.

Regarding album art: it shows the art for the song you have selected browsing the library, not the one playing: right click the album art and select Image View -> Prefer playing track

This behaviour is changing in version 1.8 (now in beta), because you aren't the only person with this question.  If only one track is selected, the whole list will transfer to the Now Playlist list, with the position set at the selected track.

For now, in 1.7, if you have any songs selected when you press play, only those songs will be played.  So, you can either select the entire playlist, or select none of the playlist, and press play, to get the entire playlist.  As a shortcut, just double-click on an album (or anything else), and it will start playing.

Album art is coming from either embedded images, or folder images.  Typically if you are seeing wrong cover art you didn't expect, it means you don't have folder images set up like we expect - you can disable folder images from the preferences. (There's also the issue of whether you want playing artwork, or select artwork, as justice mentioned).

Prev/Next buttons only affect the position in the "Now Playing" list, depending on where you are currently in that list.

You can also use drag and drop to the Now Playing list to put things in the queue.

Hope that helps!

Cool! Thanks Justice and Whicken (welcome to the site!). I'll play around with this and report back.

UPDATE: OK this works and is too cool. My credit card is starting to warm up... it's calling me: "Go on. You know you want to. Who's the boss? You? Or your wife? Go on, it's so easy. It's not even that much money and it supports development! Stop blubbering, be a man! Do it! Do it!" I'm telling you, the damned thing is evil. So far the physical embodiment of my conscience - my boss, er wife - is winning, but it's a pitched battle...

Hi whicken,

A minor issue. I don't think APE is supported.
No big deal, since as you may know, there is an emerging new format that is as fast as FLAC in decoding/encoding, and as space efficient as APE. It's TAK: (in german)

It's making quite a stir in the hydrogen audio forums. Some people there have converted entire collections of flac and apes to tak already.

I'd love to see support for this format. I can see that xmplay does support tak already, and the engine is the same, so I'd guess it's doable.

Now that I'm in 'feature request' mode:
- having winamp plugin access would be a terrific feature.
- support for non-standard tags (visible in the columns interface would be good.

I'm actually converting all my cue files to independent tracks just so MIP can 'see' them :). If I could move to tak as well in the same effort, so much better :)

Note: at 10-20 seconds per song, completing the analysis of my collection will take about 15 days (assuming 10hrs of processing). This is quite a lot of CPU usage.

It's not clear to me what advantages we get once our collections are completely analyzed. when a song is mixable, it turns green. In my case most songs are green already, *before* the analysis. It seems that the first pass (about 1 seconds per song) is enough to get most of the advantages. The only thing I know for sure is that the 'correct tags' feature will work only after the full analysis is done.


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