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musicIP (as a player): wow

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The database search is lighitng fast, almost real-time.
I can drag and drop songs to my portable player (!).
Albumart shows up fast.

Memory usage is tiny compared with basically anything else (even virtual memory) : mediamonkey, foobar, even XMplay (!).

This thing is actually a very serious player. And the added playlist generation features are great!

EDIT: a good review, with pics:

um... could we have a url or is it a secret?  :huh:

(a screenshot would be nice too :)

musicIP sounds seriously nice (as opposed to merely tentatively nice...) and I'm off to download it now. Thanks for alerting me to it, urlwolf!

Seems like a mix between a good media player, and Picard music matching.
Instead of regular playlists, it can create a playlist based on one song, then you can select whether you want to hear "more like this" or "less like this". Also compares song analysis with an online database so you can select 'a mix' on mood etc.

Good for big media collections. Plusses for  pointing you towards legitimate free music with similar qualities as what you are listening too. Best way I've seen to discover unknown talent!

Mind you that is a 5 minute review. After a few weeks I probably have a better opinion.

Thanks for posting the above, justice. musicIP Mixer is just about finished validating my mp3s (I have roughly the same amount as you - about 1800 or so) and am already impressed by the fact that I've been able to play tracks while my collection is being indexed/validated. I'm already impressed, too, by the fact that while indexing AND playing a track, resource utilization is less than, say, WMP or iTunes when either of them are merely playing a track. I'll post back later when I have actually had a chance to play around with it more completely.


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