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Borland c++ BUILDER tutorials?

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Hi i 'm looking for some of the Borland C++ builder tutorials.I have borland C++ builder personal.And i have very limited expereince with it.I want to start with some good tutorials like creating text editor or to soem in depth tutorials.Do you know any place where i can get one.?

If you have any expereince with borland then please let me know how can i proceed with it?i tried google and some other Searches but borland have very limited material on the internet.& u know help isn't good otion with borland.DO u know any place where there is open source code for borland C++ builder made applications examples?

The original help files from C++ Builder 6 (you need a free membership account to download it):

And these were taken from my free programming ebooks site:

* Borland C++ Builder 6: Quick Start Guide (this one has a text editor tutorial)

* Borland C++ Builder 6: Developers Guide

* Borland C++ Builder 6: Object pascal Language Guide

All of these should be a big help with getting started. Don't forget to take a look at my ebooks site too. Lots of C++ books available for free.


* Helpful Resource #1

* Helpful Resource #2
Some of this is just helpful information and not necessarily tutorials that I have found while working with the Turbo C++ version of BCB. Maybe you can find some stuff that will help you with your needs. :)

I'm also a big C++ Builder coder and i'm happy to help.  Also don't miss the C++ Builder / Delphi programming school assignments here:

Just taking advantage of the thread, something I miss in Dev-C++ regarding Borland Builder (we use version 6 at the university) is the excellent and complete help. Do you know if there's something similar on the Internet (a page, a CHM file...) containing ALL C++ functions (much more like Sun's Java Help)? Thanks.

EDIT: OK, no wonder no one is answering. I didn't read App's post...


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