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1) I just played with a trial version of OneNote (comparing it to EverNote and other note taking software -- have been reading the gigantic thread one "note taking software") and was trying figure out the potential of its tagging system.

I must say Evernote is pretty good at tagging ; seems much more sophisticated than one note. But one thing that "bothers" me is that I'd like to extend its tagging system (or at least its tags...) to tag... everything, not just notes -- but also documents, files, images, etc.

So, following that logic, I was wondering if other applications of the office 2007 suite (especially word) use the same tagging system OneNote Uses ? I haven't been able to really find out, but that would be a strong point. Maybe.


2) Am trying to devise a way of tagging everything. Almost. Evernote and Clipboard Help+Spell could actually be used to tag most things effectively, and permanently, without depending on yet another "super specific" application to actually read the tags -- am thinking "cross platform tags". But I'm still in the process of thinking about it...

Anyway... I'm wondering what kind of general system you guys use to tag stuff.... If you do.

(I'm aware of at least two applications meant to tag : Tagg and tag2find. Anybody Using these ?)

Thanks a lot! :)

Clipboard Help+Spell could actually be used to tag most things effectively
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Clipboard Help+Spell could actually be used to tag most things effectively
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-urlwolf (May 18, 2007, 06:48 AM)
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I'll try to explain my simplistic strategy in more details later, but the general idea is that to be able to find any tag rapidly in documents, I use special (and easy to remember) abbreviations (following rules) not confused with "real" words (example : for theatre, I'll use, THETHE; Software, SOFSOF; etc.). I also have a list of the tags I use.

"Clipboard Help+Spell" can include the list of these tags so that I can paste them relatively rapidly in a file name, as I type a text in word, etc. without making any spelling mistake. Of course, "Clipboard Help+Spell" is not exactly meant for that (I haven't found a way to alphabetically sort my tags in the context menu to find then as fast as possible, etc.), but, right now, it's the only tool I found for that. Anybody knows a better tool ?

Tagging in this way (inserting "real" text) is effective to find ideas quickly -- one can use any Desktop search software (X1,Copernic, Archiarius, etc.) to list the documents which include the tags.

Right now It's not very elegant and there might be other ways to achieve what I'm trying to achieve -- like using Tagg or tag2find. But it's the only way I found that almost guaranties I'll be able to recover my ideas rapidly whatever the Desktop search software I' using (or even the OS : using beagle in Linux, for instance).

It's good to be able to do normal "word searches", but, as everybody knows, it's even more powerful to use some kind of tagging on top of it. More about it after work... maybe! (and especially, Evernotes' ability to transfer its tags to an email, MS word document, etc....)

(edit : trying to correct my frenchy english a bit... Sorry!)

Had a look again at tag2find and Tagg's features. Seems nice.


tag2find :
(tag2find might see a neat feature included at some point : "tag parts of documents (paragraphs, sentences, equations)". It's been suggested to the developpers :

Anybody tried these ?

Since tagging is a long, repetitive and tedious process, What I'd worry about is the precariousness -- so to speak -- of the tags attached to files with these type of software. What do you think... ?

And one last question : anybody uses acdsee to tag files?  :)

I would like to try both of them, I remember posting in some other threads that discussed them a little.. Hopefully this month I get some time to play around with them.  :)


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