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Scratch - A Game Programming Language For Children

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I was playing around with this, quite neat actually.

That cody animation was... trippy. Made about as much sense as modern art :P

And now there's ScratchJr, for children aged 5-7. Currently runs on the iPad. An Android version is in the making though.

Oh man, scratch! I remember using that in high school for a multimedia class thing. It's actually a lot more powerful (albeit pretty slow) than you'd think at first.

We made this sort of hybrid puzzle/adventure/platform game:

Some of it works really badly (Of course not the parts I was responsible for!), but overall I think it's pretty interesting how much we got out of it considering only one of us had any kind of coding experiences

Small platformer:

I put this together using the experiences I got from the first thing in about 30-40 minutes. So you can also have decently fast paced games.


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