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Autoplay Repair

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This tool can be used for removing corrupted entries from Windows XP's autoplay and even create new or modify existing so-called autoplay handlers quickly and easily.

Autoplay Repair
• Create, modify or delete (corrupted) Autoplay Handler entries from the Windows Registry.
• Have control of the main autorun sections in the Registry: add, edit or delete single entries.
• Disable or enable Autoplay for each installed drive on your computer.
• Create backups of Autoplay and Autorun sections to restore deleted or edited Registry entries if needed.
• Multi-language support.

Carol Haynes:
Nice little app. Thanks.

great find, thx.

oh crap, .NET Framework.

I would disable AutoPlay asap. Virus from thumbdrives, portable harddisks, etc are able to spread when autoplay is enabled.


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