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Looking for: ToDo List plus Calendar plus Countdown Timer

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I installed Outlook for the Calendar/Task options and I found a Vista sidebar gadget that lists Outlook e-mail, calendar items, and task items. I also found a countdown timer but it isn't nearly as customizable as I want and doesn't automatically get info from Outlook or anywhere else.

It's a start, but I'd really like an integrated countdown timer, too.

I wonder if it would be hard to alter the Outlook Sidebar Gadget. . .

Is this close?

Here's a lite weight free one-

Thanks everyone for the responses.

I've decided to go with Outlook Calendar and the Vista Sidebar Gadget called Outlook Info. Seems the quickest and easiest way thus far. I've customized it so that it only shows calendar information and am in the process of building a countdown into it. It already is able to show the date/time when the calendar task is due, so implementing a countdown shouldn't be too difficult.

Although, if someone knows vbs and javascript I could certainly use the help. This thing doesn't make much sense to me, and I have to set default values for options in three or more places, it seems.

I've managed to get many of the settings to show up properly, all that's left is to actually build the countdown timer function into it, which will require a bit more of an investment of time and effort for me.

Deozaan, I use the Outlook calendar along with Remind-Me  It's not free but it does all or most of everything that you mentioned, and it automatically syncs with Outlook (separate option must be purchased).  You can use it for alarms, events and recurring items which can send an email notification and or pop-up or alert.  If you get a a meeting 'invitation' in Outlook it will automatically be added to the Remind-Me calendar, if you bought the sync option.  I find it useful as a quick reference rather than depending on all the bloated stuff in Outlook.

also woth considering is Rainlendar (the lite is free)

And Calendarscope (not free but been using it for years)  can track events and tasks
You would probably want the free DSCLOCK which interfaces nicely to show upcoming events.


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