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Folder-RSS: Monitor folder changes via rss

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There's a known issue with Folder-RSS not generating valid feeds if one or more files have ampersands and other characters that should be carefully escaped in their filename.edit: now fixed. I suspect if you copy the contents of the result file into and validate it, it will say it fails?

Fixing this is a high priority! 

Here's part of the code i used in one of my scripts, to solve that problem with '%' ',' '&' and ":

--- ---  stringreplace,replaced_,replaced,`%,```%,replaceall
I hope it helps! ;)

Oh thanks! I found an Xpath parser so I will soon generate real xml, but if i get stuck I'll try that approach too.

The validator says valid RSS 2.0.

If I have the xml file located at C:\rss\test.xml what should I put for the address in SharpReader?

Ok I thought any RSS reader could open local links, it seems SharpReader rejects them. I guess I will have to test with other software and keep a list of which software is capable. You can run a mini-webserver like HFS or SimpleWWW if you don't mind this -- set up a site with the siteroot being the folder which contains the xml file, then you can browse to http://localhost/test.xml or similar and subscribe to the feed, or ask the developer(s) of Sharpreader to support the file:// protocol, I am unsure what else can be done about it   :(

However I have success with Opera 9.20:
If you just right click on the rss feed and do Open with -> opera you will get a url like:

Now go to the menu bar Feeds -> Manage Feed -> Add -> enter file://localhost/C:\rss\test.xml as the url and it should load. I'll update the opening post!


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