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Folder-RSS: Monitor folder changes via rss

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I realize this topic has not been active for quite some time but since it's the "support topic" for folder-rss I thought here was the most appropriate place for my post.

David,  I hope you are still monitoring this thread.

Is there any way you could add "start minimized" to folder-rss and a "scan on start" option?  I'd like to have this run in the startup folder on my htpc to build a file of recently downloaded or recorded shows....mediaportal then reads that file and scrolls the filenames acrosss the bottom of the all works well now and I've used an app called "clickoff" which is a more modern version of PTFB (Push The Friggin Button) to have it click Scan whenever the program is first ran but the program refuses to start minimized.   I have chosen "minimized" as screen size but it ignores it.  At first glance it seems like a fairly minor change.

Thanks for your time.



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