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Folder-RSS: Monitor folder changes via rss

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Yay!  Got it in Opera!


Released a new version tonight, thanks for the feedback it really inspires!

NEW version: May 2007 Alpha-2:

* Now generates valid XML through Xpath parser made by Titan;
* commandline parameters added for exclusion of subfolders and inclusion of files with specific file attributes
* removed trayicon

Justice has been writing some very cool utilities here in the coding snacks section..
Please show him some support by sending him a few donationcredits along with a nice little message when you do :)

What a brilliant idea F-rss is..
One small suggestion though. I believe there should be a way to suppress the message boxes since scheduling the task and having the xml file sent automatically on an ftp server is only stopped by them. So for a full unattended run consider giving a -nomsg option.
Thanks again for this great app.. 

Oops I left some debug msgboxes on by mistake  :-[

NEW version: May 2007 Alpha-3:

* Switched off debug messages


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