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OK Folks, prepare for a rant.

I have recently been trying out Do-Organizer, mentioned in this thread. This program has everything I am looking for in a PIM and then some. The program is very well designed and incorporates a lot of nice technology. The program is a tad on the expensive side, as can be seen here, but in my opinion, for what (Do-Organizer) offers, it is well worth it.

While the program itself is great, the support is not. I have been evaluating this program and have tried to reach their support for over a week now. I have registered at their forum 3 times now (third time being today) only to find my account deleted after being in a "Pending admin approval" status for only a day each time. I registered yesterday afternoon, only to come in this morning and find my account removed. I have received no replies from their support staff ([email protected]) so contact with them seems impossible. People seem to rant and rave over their support, however, I cannot get any pre-purchase support. For a program which costs 24.95 plus upwards of 19.95 for each module, you would think the support staff would be a bit more responsive. However, this has not been the case. I am more than ready to shell out the $80 required for the modules I will use, however, if this is the support I can expect, I am going to have to look elsewhere.

Has anyone else had any dealings with them? If so, does anyone have a forum account which they can post a message for me using?

Anyways, end of rant, I will update if I ever hear back from them. If I get my account deleted without approval again today, I quit.

Wow.  I checked out that link for Do-Organizer.  They want to sell you the contacts and calendar sections seperately.  I figured the add-ons would be something extra special.  No, they actually want you to buy the base program, then pay extra for: calendar, contacts, tasks...  Is it? Could it be? Yes, I do believe that is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

Edit: Just for giggles I added up the base program and all the modules:  $169.45.  Nice. 

Hi Josh - I've had good experiences so far with GemX and have an active account on the user's forum. I'll gladly post a question for you over there but have a question for you: what kind of e-mail address are you using to try to register? Just a thought... I think mine is and I don't recall any problems at all with registering it.

Anyway, I trialed Do-Orgranizer at version 2 and again when version 3 came out. Because I have a licence for TexNotes Pro, I qualify for drastically reduced cross-upgrade pricing to get the full blown version of Do-Orgranizer 3 but have passed so far. For my needs, Outlook does all I need it to and I really don't want another e-mail client. If they didn't have that built into the base, I'd probably jump at the cross-upgrade and just not install e-mail...

Let me know if you want me to post something over there for you!

FWIW and AFAIK, do-Organizer and other Gemx software can be obtained via the TrialPay system, which can, if you do a little research, reduce the effective price.



If you could, post a question asking about registration. My username that I am attempting to register is Metshrine, and my account has been deleted three times thus far after remaining in a "pending admin approval" status for 24 hours each time. I've sent three emails to [email protected], however, have not received a single reply in the week I've waited.

I appreciate your help!



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