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The Citicorp Building Repairs: A Tale of Engineering and Ethics


Nice long entertaining account of the secret mistakes and repairs in the construction of a skyskraper, and lessons in ethics for all of us who build things..

What's an engineers worst nightmare? To realize that the supports he designed for a skyscraper like Citicorp Center are flawed--and hurricane season is approaching...

--- End quote ---


That's very interesting.  A lesson for all of us.

Good find mouser :Thmbsup: I really enjoyed it.

Thanks Mouser! That was a great read - and spurred a happy hour of googling and wikipeida surfing...

Funnily enough, this story has apparently been used for the scenario of a TV show episode, namely "Numb3rs".  It's on

Thanks for mentioning the real stor(e)y  ;)


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