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A Very Simple Ethical Principle for Search: Google Fails Miserably

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* Crazy idea pops out *

Would it be possible to use either distributed computing or P2P protocols like BitTorrent to create a distributed search engine?
-Lashiec (May 04, 2007, 01:01 PM)
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Have a look at FAROO ( ), a peer-to-peer web search engine.

.. look at FAROO ( ), ...-flowgar (May 26, 2007, 10:59 AM)
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I have never before seen this error message. Why the 406? Is it merely because the browser didn't understand if I should be directed to the German or to the English page? The two links worked fine.

There is an old saying that freedom of speech only applies to the owner of the newspaper.

I think this apply here, fair engine search hits apply only to the owner of the search engine. :). There will always be favoritism, thinking that it will not happen, is just naive. A private company lives to make profit. Irrelevant of ethics.

I do however hate when government plays favoritism. When that happens, I see taxes for what they really are. An extortion payment. If you don't pay something bad will happen to you. Just like the mafia asking for payment for protection. Except that with the mafia you actually get protection,and with government you only get threats. :)


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