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Any freeware alternatives to Instant ThumbView?

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Thanks for the pointers Whitelion and Nighted - I had Xentient Thumbnails installed at one point but it's not there anymore (don't know when or why I removed it). I'm off to download it again!

You can also do it using Tweak UI -Nighted (May 13, 2007, 01:56 PM)
--- End quote --- may be better. The other is from before XP.
I haven't yet had time to test. Thanks for the links  :up:

Whoops, that's the version I intended to link to. Thanks for pointing that out.

I think this is what you want, Curt!

Open RegEdit

Go to HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics\Shell Small Icon Size

Enter any number preferably from 16 to 48

LogOff and then back on.

Remember the orginal setting in case you don't like the results.

This setting will change the icon sizes under the detailed view within explorer windows.

Warning, it also effects the ones in the tray area too.

Hefty Hippie:
I spotted this thread the other day and decided to give QTT a whirl - I'm impressed, very impressed. The image preview/thumbnail on hover/mouse-over feature is a bloody marvel!

I could almost be persuaded to go back to WE/QTT as my main file browser but there's just one thing missing - the easy saving and application of user-defined 'column sets' in details view.

Yep, I know that Windows let you save your selected columns but, so far as I'm aware, you have to do that either on a folder by folder basis or apply one set to all folders.

I've searched for a third party app. that'll let you save and apply column sets to WE but no luck so far, if anyone knows of anything I'd appreciate you giving me the heads up.


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