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Any freeware alternatives to Instant ThumbView?

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Ha ha... not unlike Budweiser in the States and Fosters in Australia - shipped and hyped around the world but far from the best that either country has to offer!

Ha ha... not unlike Budweiser in the States... -Darwin (May 12, 2007, 05:10 PM)
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You did right to specify Budweizer "in the States". I have tasted the original Budweiser from the old Czechoslovakia and it is one of the best beers you can have. At all. And a lot older than Budweizer. But they never thought of protecting their name, so the Americans banded it. You can still have it, of course, but with a different name: Budvar.

[Edit: Oh; I see the American is also with a "s", Budweiser. Sorry!
Info: The original Czech Budweiser is in English pronounced 'Boodvaisor'.]

Yes, you're right Curt. I've tried the original Czech Budvar, which is why I specified that I was talking about the US one. I had a Czech flat-mate in university who was APPALLED by American Budweiser and incensed about the name. AFAIK, though, the "King of Beers" was originally brewed by a Czech immigrant to the States and he named it after the Czech version, probably never dreaming that it would become so successful!

This is excellent! And the combination with QTTabBar's new thumbnail popups accellerates the pair to the absolute excellence, because now you don't have to 'search' for the right picture, but can see in a glance what might be the right one, and then just point at it, and up comes the BIG thumbnail from QT.

Sadly I cannot show you a screenshot of the QT thumbnail, but here is one (thumb) of the Xentient picturized icon thumbnails. Even though they are small it is a lot easier this way to locate what you are looking for:
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...Even though they are small it is a lot easier this way to locate

Using Xentient Thumbnails is perfect for me. Because I don't have to bother clicking on each individual image for a preview. Instead I can open any folder and see the image immediately.

Oh...I forgot to mention to the rest of you(Darwin).

Xentient Thumbnails once installed onto XP just worxs.

It requires 0, yes ZERO resources in order to work.

Yeah, it has to be steered correcttly....but you know how very scrounge like I can be.

Any APP that adds to XP without nessitating...another start up blah blahg

Does clearly what it was made to do without adding to consumption...

Has all my AMENS!

I already did this. My XP install has all of the goodies from Vista "ideas" yet is better.

Add it...X to your toolbox.

In the mean time if you happen to come across a 3.2 northwood JLK.

I have 2 sticks of 256 PC800 to deal on.

Now....excuse me...hafta go figure out Hacketyhack + midnight in unleashed


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