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... antivirus which doesnt allow for ignoring files.. -tomos (August 14, 2007, 06:04 PM)
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Yes, CrossLoop really is spyware... and we want it to be!  :D  But, really, tomos, anti-virus that doesn't allow for ignoring and trusting files? Ehhmm... is it time to look for another solution?

Speaking of CrossLoop: quote from today's "alert" from Gizmo:

2.1 Free Remote Control Utility Offers Ease of Use

I'm impressed with CrossLoop. It's the easiest way yet to remotely control a distant PC. Before you get your hopes up, let me say that it is no substitute for products like LogMeIn or PCAnywhere, both of which allow you to login to a remote PC without anyone in attendance. By contrast, CrossLoop absolutely requires someone at the other end. If you can live with that limitation, CrossLoop may just what you have been looking for.

It works like this: The user on the remote PC runs CrossLoop and generates a random 12 digit key which they send to you by email, phone, whatever. You plug this key into a copy of CrossLoop running on your own PC and request a connection with the remote. If the remote user accepts the connection you then can take control of the remote PC and operate it through your keyboard and screen. At all times the user at the remote sees on his screen exactly what is happening.

That's pretty much standard remote computing, but it is the ease of use that makes CrossLoop different. No complex commands or firewall configuration are needed, just the ability to follow simple on-screen instructions. CrossLoop is really a smart front-end to the open source utility TightVNC. It supports 128 bit Blowfish encrypted connections and unlike the free version of LogMeIn, allows for two-way file transfers between the client and host PCs. Unlike Windows Remote Desktop, it will run on any PC from Windows 98 onwards. Just the thing for helping a friend with a PC problem, remote support or remote user training.

Thanks to subscriber Mike Pasternack for the suggestion. Freeware, Windows 98 and later, 2.28MB
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Edit 2: It has been added into the program, along with a little info if you forget what it is asking
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1) is that "it" = the option I requested?
2) do we still download from post 129 above?
-tomos (August 14, 2007, 02:10 AM)
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Yes it is (EasyProtect, I just came up with the name out of the blue :P)
EDIT: I didn't see your second question. I do believe that is the updated version, but I would recommend AGAINST downloading it, as Saturday I will be uploading the latest version with a GUI improvment, new loading screen (with progress bar!) and totally optimized code (I litterally took it apart and put it back together in a better manner to boost time and increase the time before I need to recode it in a better, more logical manner). I am tinkering with the GUI now on my Windows XP machine (7 years old) and I am having...trouble with the new GUI setup, but it should be done in the next day or two and all set for Saturday. I would say more, but I will keep it "top secret" for now :P

Yay, CrossLoop is featured online! I still haven't found any programs that are bad that I use for the maintenance (I do have "guidelines" I follow before I use them, though). :)

And yes, CrossLoop should be setting off your virus scanners. Be happy they are doing their job! CrossLoop is NOT a virus, BUT the program at its core (VNC I believe) is commonly used and manipulated to be one. I have been running scans on remote computers via CrossLoop and actually killed CrossLoop because the virus scanner picked it up while I was working ;D

OK, I am going to post a question here instead of the install program (for now) so, here goes:

I have a list of different things I want to incorporate into the program, and have part of them planned, but it would be at least another week (probably two, to be honest) to get it all setup. I have most of my goals done for this release, but I just realised I need to update and toss the help file in there too, so that would have to be put off too :(!!!

So, in a nutshell, what should I do?
a) Release the current one (it works fine, there are no bugs* or anything)
b) hold off 1 +/- week and work on it a bit more

*No bug statement is not guaranteed :P

I want everyone to have a simple, nice experience with EasyControl (Easy to Control) and I want to make it as good as it can be, but the current version makes setup a bit easier, and makes overall use for all users a lot more...causal (thats not the word I want to use, but its a lot better then it was basically). So basically it boils down to the fight between

Distribute now and let new/inexperienced users have an easier navigation system AND wait longer for new features (longer then the latter, below)
Distribute later, and have to continue to help newer users get used to the somewhat strange setup of the program BUT get more features in the end.


Thanks all!

Considering the total number of downloads [8], I see very little reason for you to rush anything. Take your time to write, write and write!

Quick update: OK, I am going to keep working on it, and see if I can't get everything done. I have already done a major update and added text help below buttons, explaining what they do, and making the buttons simpler. UNFORTUNATELY, 800x600 users will have difficulty using the lower buttons. I am sorry about that, but to keep the interface looking nice I can't really do anything about it. :( If it is a problem I do have an idea, but it won't look as good as it could.


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