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When AutoInstalling, AutoCleaning, AutoOptimizing, or EasyMaintaining, you will NOT BE ABLE TO CONTROL YOUR COMPUTER.
The BAD part about this is that if something DOES go wrong (:o :tellme:) you will have to
a) let it go
b) shut off the system power
c) run around in a circle and hope for the best ;D-wreckedcarzz (August 11, 2007, 05:52 PM)
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I think that'll scare a lot of people (me for one)
how about it as an option - would that be possible? - for those of us without interfering mother-in-laws etc.  :)

I may include it as a "Would you like to protect your computer while doing x?" type of thing. I just revamped the entire program's code, making it more efficient, and bumped the loading time down to 10 seconds (from 15). I will give it a whirl and see what I can do, but I probobly should be able to do it without problem. :up:

EDIT: I just did a test run with 2 basic buttons and everything checks out. I will have it as an option in the next version (a week or so from now).

Edit 2: It has been added into the program, along with a little info if you forget what it is asking and a new GUI setup (nothing you can see, but it is a thousand times better :D). I have also added a loading bar to the splash screen, and improved the loading sequence. Along with a couple other things that is just code based, not much else has changed. Any ideas or thoughts?  :feedback:

Edit 2: It has been added into the program, along with a little info if you forget what it is asking
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1) is that "it" = the option I requested?
2) do we still download from post 129 above?


2: I use CrossLoop, a new free remote assistance program that encrypts all communication with 128 bit encryption. It is not hosted by SF but does use VNC.

-wreckedcarzz (May 03, 2007, 05:21 PM)
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CrossLoop was presented on PodTech:

CroosLoop drives my AV scatty I'm afraid...
every startup...
maybe it's just cause I being the cheapskate & using AOL/Kapersky antivirus which doesnt allow for ignoring files..


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