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Ok, how is it? I was really hoping to have it all up and running in one large swooping update, but little bumps are to be expected, I guess.

Looking for opinions, and suggestions. I am waiting for skrommel to reply to me about my question about including DelEmpty, but I am going to go ahead and add it in a second file, so if it is OK then I will have the work already done :)

Ideas on how to include DCUppdate? I really would like to, but I fear that the dial-up users will start to hate me with more downloading ;D Any ideas? :-\ :tellme: :huh:

EDIT: OK, 1 bug found and fixed, and 2 things optimized for better flowing between operations :). I will have a new version up tomorrow, if all goes to plan.

OK, here it is; the fixes aren't exciting, but will definitely improve the experience. All that was updated was the timing on AutoMaintenance and NTREGOPT wouldn't open at the right time (large problem :tellme:). I scanned the code again, and (knock on wood) I didn't see any problems. I have DelEmpty included and ready, just waiting for permission to include it. (Next update, probably).

Enjoy! (Uninstall first, though! :Thmbsup:)

Brandon, you might be working a little too fast, so to speak, because I really don't have anything to clean up yet, because you make me clean my PC almost every day...  :D

A clean house is a happy house, as they say.

I was told if you dont do any cleaning (of houses) for 5 yrs things get no worse, a worthwhile research project i think, wonder if this holds for computers?  ;D


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