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OK, I have come to announce, that after 2 days of almost non-stop work, with a pulsing headache, I have recoded the entire AutoMaintenance application 2x. Originally it was much more compact, but now it has a full GUI and tells you how to do everything to get started. Most of it is tested, and as far as I can tell there should be no problems. How this new version works is:

It explains everything in plain english at the top of the program window.
It has 3 steps to get started.
You now just click on the Download buttons and save the setups to your desktop (NOTE: The IObit program links may be dead, I looked and looked and there are like 2 mirrors total and it changes randomly. I am trying to fix this.)
The installers are just 1-click. Click the button, and it installs by itself.
You can now run the Automatic Maintenance Cycle or run programs manually.
It sits in your tray after closing- good to run at startup and when your done open it up and have it run a cycle.

All I need now is an icon, and I think it will be complete.

(Note: Yes, this version does download the new CCleaner version also)

After I find a free-to-use icon and apply it, I will edit this post with the program attached.

Will it search for copies of the relevant programs on the PC before searching the Internet? I guess not. Maybe then, it will be a good idea - instead of just editing the previous post - to also tell what programs now are part of AutoMaintenance ?

The same programs are included, and the download process is no longer automated (so if your on dial-up or if you have programs a b r and d but not e and t).

The same programs are downloaded (if needed), here is the list:

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner
IObit Advanced WindowsCare V2 Personal
IObit SmartDefrag
and I may include support for automatic Microsoft/Windows update, but not in this release.

If you have, say CCleaner and Eusing, and need the rest, just click the buttons to download the ones you need, then once they are downloaded, click the buttons to install them. Simple as that.

OK, here it is- for the first time ever having its own icon, too! ;D

I would recommend simply setting it to run at startup, then closing the GUI interface until needed. It can be re-opened by double clicking the icon in the system tray.

Hope this helps people out.

Known bug: This has the same old bug with the clicking problem, so it wont run the IObit programs correctly. You will have to manually click those- I will have this fixed soon. It works fine in 1280x1024, so on most LCDs no problem should appear.

I have fixed the bug, so it is now compatible regardless of screen resolution!


...after 2 days of almost non-stop work, with a pulsing headache...
-wreckedcarzz (July 16, 2007, 01:08 PM)
--- End quote ---
You need App's Instant Boss so you takes your breaks  :P

Congrats on getting that out Brandon :up:

will have a look
as time goes by though, I find the list of things I need to do for/to my computer gets longer & longer -
all of which probably means I'm a prime candidate for using this  :D


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