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AHH; yes I am sorry about that - I worked on it until 1AM last night (it is 6AM yea - not much sleep). That, as well as 1 more bug, HAS been resolved (forgive my misleading "bug-free" statement :P). It should NOW work properly on all computers, but I am not 100% sure.

Download below

If you are using the new version and are going to try to help me out with fixing some problems...
Specifically I just need to know if the programs wait to long to to something (the timers need to DECREASE) or if it does the next program before finishing (the timers need to INCREASE) or if it clicks in the wrong place on your resolution or (most likely) the new registry optimizer fails. The last scenario I have encountered numerous times - the program will fail to optimize a registry hive and will say so, but require the user to say Yes (continue on with the next one) or No (cancel all optimization). If this occurs you may see some odd results...try to catch it quickly as you don't want it popping up and AutoMaintenance's timer runs out (because the program SHOULD be done) and it tells it to restart (several keystrokes). This (I *think*) is caused by the fact that it is already fragment-free - so only run this like once a week.

If you have version 1.1, just replace your CompuTech AutoMaintenance.exe with this new one (BETA Version 1.2).

Just so everyone knows how long this process takes, here is the timing of all the programs (and the process basically) took some work NOT typing in AHK ;D
If you don't understand this - copy, paste and print out this post, then run the program and watch/read.

CCleaner - open
Wait 1 sec
Run Cleaner
Wait 10 sec
CleanUp! - open
Wait 2.5 sec
Wait 10 sec
Wait 1 sec
'No' to logoff prompt
Eusing Free Registry Cleaner - open
Wait 1 sec
Close registration box
Wait 1 sec
Start scan
Wait 1 1/2 min (90 sec)
Wait 60 sec
IObit Advanced WindowsCare V2 Personal - open
Wait 10 sec
Click Scan
Wait 4 minutes (240 sec)
Click Repair
Wait 45 sec
Click Close
IObit SmartDefrag Beta 3 - open
Wait 1.5 sec
Click Manual Defrag
Wait .5 sec
Click Defrag All Volumes
Wait 10 min (600 seconds)
Click Close (on the View Report/Close box)
Wait .5 sec
Click 'X' (the little X to close the window)
NT Registry Optimizer - open
Wait 1 sec
Start optimization
Wait 2 min (120 sec)
Restart PC


Has anyone else got a number of memory errors during the registry scan? One of my desktops get anywhere form 1-15 errors during the scan...I plan on doing a reinstall but want to see if anyone else has gotten this problem.

Some programs can be updated by installing the new version on top of the old, but some cannot - and some will even accept the same version to be installed at top, but again some will not. I think it would be good to know which programs must be removed before installing AutoMaintenance.exe. I have not installed your collection because I already have most of the programs, but don't know which to remove or keep - plus that I don't like the idea of running CCleaner without first adjusting the settings.

Right - CCleaner updates can be installed right over the old install, but some like IObit's Advanced WindowsCare, run the uninstaller before letting you install the new version. No programs have to be uninstalled before installing the AutoMaintenance app- if you already have CCleaner 1.4.0 (or what the new version is, I can't remember off the top of my head) then when the setup program goes to the download, simply cancel the download and skip the instructions until the next program download appears. Also, you configure the programs during the setup program - I have it tell you the settings I recommend for best performance/cleanest system, but you can set any options you would like - simply ignore the messages.

Currently, the AutoMaintenance app uses the following programs (you can uninstall any old versions/all of them if you like, simply to ensure the most up-to-date programs, or to avoid installing a program twice).

Windows CleanUp!
Eusing Free Registry Cleaner
IObit Advanced WindowsCare V2 Personal
IObit SmartDefrag Beta 3
NTREGOPT (NT Registry Optimizer)

FYI: I have no connection to any of these companies, just if anyone was wondering. The programs just seem to do the best job in the most user-friendly manner and in a short period of time. I change programs if they go bad/become "adware" or "spyware" supported, become shareware, or any other problems. Just wanted to let everyone know that, some people may be suspicious as to why I pick these specific applications.



for what it's worth -

CCleaner if i remember rightly has some fairly aggressive approaches in it's default setup - or maybe I dont remember rightly ??
I do remember though it erasing my startup options that I had simply disabled with Starter (Code Stuff)
After that I used EasyClean

as I say it's just a memory now :) but just thought I'd mention it in case


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