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SnapSuite program family/Free online computer help

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I am working on a small personal tabbed web browser, the Opera Mini of SmartBrowse if you will. It looks like a dead project, due to several reasons- I won't go into detail as I'll confuse myself as well. Don't expect to see it at all.

I learned a bit about variables and plan to make a couple of improvements to all my programs with regard to variables (if you don't know what I am talking about, a variable is just a data chunk that can hold various types of information). Also, I may update and repair code on older programs (SS 08 for example) and release the code for others to fiddle with.

There are quite a few small, insignificant issues with the Calculator (nothing that affects normal usage, or abnormal usage for that matter) - mostly graphical things: it can be maximized (not wanted), it can be resized (not wanted), etc. Things that I merely forgot. I won't re-post updates here, but I will include them in future SS and GOS updates.

Anyways, nothing new yet. I'll keep you guys posted if I make something cool or get the time to go and update everything with better code or something. :)


Alright, making some code improvements to FloorIt to make it more readable and maintainable later on. Also about to add some error-catching functions. I have learned a bit in my advanced programming class, and am putting it to work in this update.

You won't see anything changed, other than the new splash screen:
SnapSuite program family/Free online computer help

Figured it was kind of a funny slogan for it (it is also a song from the game "Need for Speed: Underground" for those of you that don't know) :P

(Song is here (rap/hip-hop):

Expect an update in a week!


Just put together a sketch for the SnapSuite 2009 splash screen (took me about 30 seconds). I found it rather amusing (was listening to “Having Trouble Sneezing” by Mark Mothersbaugh while I made it).

SnapSuite program family/Free online computer help

You can't tell me that that isn't at least a little amusing. C'mon. You know you smiled ;) ;D

I was about 1/2 done with the SS09 MCU (Massive Code Update) when I hit a major bump (no graphics!). Backups rule. :)

FloorIt Alpha 2 is just about ready, but I am going to give it another week or so because I want to show it to some friends and see what they think about it.

Nothing else to report or upload yet.


SnapSuite 2009's "tech refresh" is going mostly well, with only one annoying (and so far, unfixable) error (read about it here: Other than that, the GUI is getting a slight update, and some other small stuff being updated. The naming scheme on objects is being made "standard", and I am planning some type of documentation (now that I can talk to my PC, it doesn't sound like such an endeavor anymore).

I will post screenshots when the whole thing is ready to go, but at this point it is minor (but positive) changes and improvements.

Images and more news (possible final beta) soon!


Alright, my new incarnation of SmartBrowse is coming to life - and it is all coded by me; no more reliance on IE7Clone's base and the bundled tabcontrol.

It is essentially SmartBrowse 2.4, with a standard UI, and lacking features (its a personal alpha, so at this point, what can you expect?). It covers the basics of browsing and what you expect in a tabbed browser, with a bump or two along the way (once again, alpha).

Anyways, it looks pretty good IMO, nice and basic, but I plan on adding stuff in like I did with SB 2.4.

(I was going to post this around 10PM last night, but I found several major bugs with it while posting this - they are fixed now, and I had a friend at school today "do whatever you can to break it", and he found several more bugs. Teamwork = win!)

I attatched a screenshot, it is pretty much the same visually as SmartBrowse, but it has technical improvements, as well as things I could NOT do in SM due to IE7Clone's base (closing tabs via a hotkey, for example).

EDIT: As you can see in the image, I posted this in MB ;)



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