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must be a grand thing to be young  :D

Yea - May 25th or so till about August 20th is my summer break (I am out of district too; the kids around here get over a week less then me ;D)

Yeah, by my reckoning your break is at least two weeks longer than I used to get  :mad: I grew up in the wrong area, obviously!

EDIT: BTW, I think it's fanastic that you're using your time and energy productively and in an attempt to help others!  :Thmbsup:

Programs! They are here!

OK, here are the 2 maintenance programs described earlier in the thread.

Please note - you MUST run the Setup program first (unless you already have all 6 programs installed in their default locations).

If you run into a problem be sure to simply post here in this topic and I will work to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

When you are running the AutoMaintenance program itself, you may leave your PC. It is not necessary to simply sit and watch it work (unless you are interested). It will run 100% on its own and (as far as I know) will take care of any dialog boxes or anything else. You do need to read the opening dialog box on the first run, however - it contains important information.

DonationCredits are requested - but (seriously) don't go out of your way to give me any. I understand peoples financial situations and, after all, this is a free program - you aren't going to get better treatment or "priority" help for donations.

Thanks everyone for testing/using my program and I hope it becomes an easy way to take care of your PC.

(Note: This is just a normal tune-up type program - for special stuff like making startup faster, updating programs, removing viruses or spyware, or anything like that, contact me via PM.)

P.S. Thanks Darwin!

!IMPORTANT! - The AutoMaintenance program only works on the 1280x1024 resolution! A 1024x768 resolution version will be released in the next day or so.

Wise Registry Cleaner was updated today, so maybe you should tell if your Setup program automatically will grab the newest versions, please?


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