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"Oh my freaking god it works!!!" (yes, I said that out loud)


I figured out how to run a program via VB with command line parameters!!!!! Now I can take off like 5MB of pointless EXE's for SystemCare!!



EDIT: Also, I am dropping support for the Abexo Free Registry Cleaner in the next update. It seems to cause more damage than it solves (if you look at the results, programs end up having to reset their file types because of it) and the latest version drops freeware Vista compatibility :down:.

EDIT 2: I finally got a beta area setup and all new "nightly" builds will be available to friends, anyone at DC, and anyone that asks. You can get the latest build at 2008 Prerelease

Just an FYI though, anything I upload to that folder it strictly test material, and it may not work at all/may cause damage to data. It is just what I have at the moment; nothing more. Don't expect it to have everything working fine and for it to run perfectly on every computer you try it on.

EDIT 3: I did some light updating of, with a news update and updated information on SnapSuite. Not much.

Little update here, new beta being published as I post (available once you read this, here

I am working to get rid of all the AHK EXE's that I can. If I can eliminate them, it makes it easier not only to update and install, it makes it easier for me to work with. Plus a smaller program size.

Right now I have a total of 20 files that have to be installed. This is significantly lower than previous versions, where I had over 40 files that had to be installed. I am going to keep working to get as little files as I can.

In the beta update, I have added a program that helps setup the programs you need to run maintenance operations (if you are getting a new PC, reformatting, etc). It is a basic wizard, but much improved over the old way of just installing whatever wasn't detected without much notice to the user.
The SystemCare basic tab has been much improved, allowing for faster fix-ups. The button sizes and fonts have been changed as well- it looks much better now.

I still have no progress on FastNote, and I am unsure how to integrate KidDraw. Other than that, I am making good progress finishing everything else up.


Two happy improvements that you will see in the next update...

1) SystemCare is now complete. 100%, done. It now launches programs systematically and not all at once. This may change, however if I find something else to add. But at the moment "consider it done" :P
(This was thanks to mwb1100's help in the Developer's Corner here at DC)

2) SmartBrowse will now accept your Enter keystroke (kind of...)
I have looked into setting up SnapSuite to accept hotkeys via Visual Basic. Lets just say that that isn't happening anytime soon. So, using AHK (yea I am still trying to get rid of AHK EXEs, but this way I get the whole thing working for now) I used a new command to watch when you press and release the Enter/Return key. Basically, it works together with VB like so:

* User clicks SmartBrowse tab. begins loading in the window.
* User clicks in URL bar. URL bar highlights contents so Backspace does not have to be utilized.
* URL bar tells the AHK program to start. AHK gives the user 10 seconds to type their URL before timing out
* (this was done so it is long enough to type something like Https:// but short enough not to disturb the user if they browse elsewhere before completing the URL/if they click Go manually)
* User types URL.
* If URL is typed within the 10 second limit, when Enter is released, Go is clicked via the AHK program.
It is fairly simple, if you look at it.

These will be in the next update, at least 2-3 days. I am hoping to get FastNote's save and open features working (at least somewhat) by later tonight.


My NANY mug came in today via UPS, because as most of you know SnapSuite 2008 (AHK, not VB) was in NANY 2008 last month :)

You can view my (pretty bad) image here:


I got kind of bored after gaming today, and wanting to make progress towards a final 1.0 release on SnapSuite, but not wanting to bug-fix, I came up with this (quite impressive) feature list for SnapSuite. Granted, the FastNote and KidDraw parts may still be pulled, but the list itself can give reason for those weary of the program to try it and see if they like it. And it makes it a whole lot easier for me to explain when someone asks "what does it do?".

Here goes...

SnapSuite 2008 Visual Basic Edition

SnapSuite 2008 is packed with so many features that you can do just about anything on it- it is an all-in-one program made to get work done in minimal time with minimal effort.


* Quick start - the program starts typically in 2-3 seconds
* Automatic updates - Keep getting more, better features- at the click of a button!
* AppLaunch allows you to start programs such as Firefox, Safari, Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Media Player, iTunes, and much more! Even request new programs to be added by using the built-in request button: just type in what you want added, and where it is located, and I will add it in the next program update!
* AutoType allows keyboard fanatics to easily and quickly assign text to hotkeys. It also has a built in Instant Message cleaner, for conversations that don't need to be seen by others around you.
* DateMaker allows users to quickly sketch out plans for the future via an 8 month calendar and 3 time drop down menus.
* FastNote is a fully featured text editor that can make, open, save, and print documents, as well as having Cut, Copy, and Paste functions.
* KidDraw is a small drawing board made for doodles. You can make, open, and save images.
* MediaControl is a specialized program allowing you to control media playback and volume levels.
* SmartBrowse is a complete web browser, with back, forward, stop, reload, and home buttons, as well as AutoComplete functionality!
* SnapScreen is an extremely basic section that, at the click of a button, takes a screenshot of your computer's desktop(s), opens Paint, pastes the data in, and opens a save dialog.
* SystemCare is the specialist of the group. SystemCare can take care of your PC at the click of a button, or you can run specific programs and actions individually. All processes are automatic and everything is very simple to use.
* In addition to all of this, SnapSuite has basic text help at the bottom of every program tab, a full Support area with contact information, FAQ, forum, website and bug list.
* Also, every person that helps me with SnapSuite is featured in the program's About tab, so everyone gets credit.
--- End quote ---

Bet you didn't know SmartBrowse had AutoComplete now :D

(Note: A couple of the features in that list, including the hotkey option for AutoType, are still in beta (only on the beta upload folder) so they are not guaranteed to work).



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