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Hope you solve it out!

Hey curt, was unable to reply to your message.

I have fixed the computer (mostly), and know what caused the problem and that it can only be fixed with a reformat.

What happened:
For some reason, VB got corrupted. And that corrupted C++. So when I reinstalled, there is a bug in both of those and kills .NET (how convenient, huh). So my 3.5 and 3.0 .NET was dead, and it is integrated with Vista, so I could not reinstall it (how convenient, huh).

I reformatted, and tried to activate Windows, but it would not take my code (how convenient...), so I actually attempted (in my rage at the moronic licensing system) to bypass/pirate (whatever you want to call it) the activation just to get my computer back to a state where I could normally activate it. Two wasted hours later, I reformatted and installed Vista Home Basic (I have the OEM key from my eMachines tower).

The cause:
VB 2008's corruption. No idea why or how. Don't ask me. Was running no beta software. No malware. :-\

The solution:
Reformat (or go without .NET and/or C++ programs). Only way. Reinstalling .NET on Vista would take more effort than making the OS itself. (I almost tried)

So currently I have just my basic system going, all my programs and all but a couple games (getting them in as I type this) but no programming IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). I did save my programming data files, but I am not so sure about how I am going to handle using VB Express Edition 08 again. Maybe wait for a patch? :huh: :-\ :tellme:

Ideas, comments, ways to fix .NET and make me look like a total idiot for reformatting..., etc are all welcome. :P


It can be almost chocking how little it sometimes takes to make even a giant fall.

The best of wishes!  :Thmbsup:

Thanks Curt! :)


I plan to switch over to programming strictly on my laptop (Windows XP :)) and testing/uploading/AHK work on my desktop here. I have (once again) reformatted (Windows Anytime Upgrade trouble) but I am just about 95% back up to normal here (Halo 2, Halo Custom Edition, and Test Drive Unlimited need installing, and a couple programs need some tweaks).

I have no idea when I will update SnapSuite's VB beta, it should be in a couple weeks (im guessing, I have edited little stuff here and there but I need to make major changes to call it an update).

I can still fix PC's (CrossLoop is installed) - also, LogMeIn now allows me to have as many Free PC's as I want, and it is more convenient than CrossLoop to get help from me (useful if you have a lot of problems).

I will post some new info in a day or two, got a lot of homework and catching up to do (two tests on Friday, a book report due, an in-class presentation (that I have to program a game and a quiz for!), a comic strip, and a photoshop assignment). And I am behind in math. :-[


Good news!

I have safely put VB Express Edition back onto my desktop (and checked it for any weird stuff conflicting with other programs). I am working on the next update right now.

I also locked down the project files using a key, but I forgot the key... :-[ and had to delete it. So they are no longer locked, but it doesn't really matter. :-\

Right now all I am trying to do is get rid of all the stupid AHK EXE's that I have to use. They take up more space than the VB exe :tellme:

(If anyone knows how to run a program with command line switches, or what the Program Files variable is in VB 2008, I would be overjoyed if you could tell me...)



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