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THE NEW INSTALLER ATTEMPTS TO INSTALL THE YAHOO! TOOLBAR. I have to edit the auto-install to adjust to this change. Please do not try to update SnapSuite VB Edition using option B OR update WindowsCare in the AHK version of SnapSuite normally - it will install the toolbar and may have problems during the install.


Paint, I say! Paint!!!

Well, I have followed a tutorial on making a paint application via MSDN, and I think I may be able to incorperate it to get it working as KidDraw. Don't count on saving or opening, though (at least not soon...). Not much else going on.

It is totally 100% code from the tutorial, but here is the image of it (and my lovely picture :P)



EDIT: Current SnapSuite VB beta users should get an update notification- I had to refresh the files on the server. Update normally.

Well my luck never seizes to screw me over. I came home today and was talking to Walt on MSN and, while doing so, attempted to install KidDraw alpha on my PC (I hadn't yet tested the installer). When I ran the installer, it told me that I needed a prerequisite package to install (strange, but that was fine).

So I went back and built it in VB Express Edition. Then I get this streaming list of errors and warnings- weren't there before, debugged before with no problems, but now all of the sudden we have issues. And lots of them.

In an attempt to still get at a usable exe, I told VB to debug it and use the last good known code to do it. When I did this, the entire thing crashed down like mountain on a Subaru (no offense to Subaru owners :P).

Right now, the entire project is broken (as in, I can't get into it in VB to fix it because it crashes VB...) and I am going to have to do a recoding of it (a minor annoyance, but still).

If anyone has the knowledge and time to try and recover my now crippled project file, I have some DC credits and a lot of "thank yous" to give ;)



Update to above post...

The same thing has happened to the SnapSuite VB files- I may have to reinstall VB to get it working again, but it is giving random unrelated errors for some reason. Will update when I can. :o :huh:



For some reason, after VB Express went haywire, multiple (I lost count at eight) reinstalls/repairs/total uninstalls with Revo Uninstaller ALL failed.

I am now left with no functional C++ OR VB IDEs, and anything using either (I don't know if it is one or both) the .NET framework OR the C++ 2005 redistributable files fails to launch (Wordzilla's Pop-Up cody, Halo, Switcher for Windows Vista...)

I will probably have to ditch this PC until Vista SP1 and see if I can get it working then (and until then either use my old backup XP desktop or just do nothing and wait it out).

Sorry about this everyone, will keep you all informed though!


EDIT: Changed smileyface to "eight"


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