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Good idea, Grorgy!   :D 


Saturday I tried a Vista Notebook, and Yes, it really is good looking  :up:

I truly don't understand what that terrible blue has to do with Optimize For Best Appearance!
-Curt (May 06, 2007, 05:42 PM)
--- End quote ---

 ;D ;D well said Curt!

Just FYI for everyone wanting help...this is my personal info for how/when to contact me and such:

I use the AIM/MSN/Yahoo messeners...
wreckedcarzz (AIM)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Rarely am I offline/away (except for time zone differences, sleeping and school)

Assuming you want me to connect to your computer to take a look, you will need the free program CrossLoop from (it's about 2MB and takes 2-3 min to download and install on a high-speed connection)

Just to make it faster, if you know off the top of your head/easy reference these things then please include them in your IM/PM to me (I can find these easily if you can't don't know where, etc. they are just so I don't overload your PC)...
What OS you have
CPU speed
Amount of RAM
available Hard Drive space
and FIREWALL - this is the most important of them all; I can't connect if your firewall blocks me ;D

I can be contacted/able to help:
Mon-Fri: Anytime around 3-5PM, 6-10:30PM (-7GMT ARIZONA TIME; no DST)
Sat: Anytime for the most part from ~10AM-12AM (14 hours, not to be confused with the 2 hours from 10AM to 12PM)
Sun: Sunday I work during late afternoon and often have grandparents over. This isn't a good time, but if I can, I will squeeze you in between my cleaning up/cutting grass/carrying groceries/feeding dog/etc. Please note that I will often go AFK (Away From the Keyboard) during Sunday, so unless your out doing something, its not efficient.

And problem is stupid to me (trust me, I have gotten used to solving small problems- sometimes its something major causing it, too) so if you just simply cannot do something/can't get something working, and it is embarrassing to ask for help, ask anyways- the ONLY stupid question is the one that isn't asked!

...  you can have another 512MB of RAM, but Crucial ... have an area where you can fill in your computer info so they can ensure that they have the correct RAM available:
"Our System Scanner was able to find some of the data we need to make a recommendation, but we need more information to ensure a compatible match."
If you want to try that, you can go back to your system scan results here:
-wreckedcarzz (May 06, 2007, 12:45 PM)
--- End quote ---

I gave the info, and today I received an e-mail from Crucial offering me a 400 MHz  twin 512 MB set, making it 1 new GB RAM. But must I buy a twin set, or can I settle with a single new 512 MB and still keep the old 'slow' 512 at the same time?

[After-edit: I found the answer to this elsewhere. (they will follow the slowest)]

Is it the right RAM type?

It appears to be Curt. Make sure that you can return them though before making a final purchase, just encase (Crucial's rating is like 9.50 out of 10, so there shouldn't be a problem).


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