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which version would you recommend for someone who barely knows what an exe file is ?!
(I will be able to help out - on the phone though)

I guess I'm wondering whether to go for the Beta or not?
It's for my sister who knowing her probably wont get to download it for a while,
by which time you probably have another 20 updates out :P (or maybe not - I read you got to study a bit as well..)
in general would you recommend the stable version or.. ?
thanks, tom

Hi tomos,

Currently I am just working on recoding EVERYTHING, then pushing it into one EXE. That will take about another 2 weeks time to make fully stable.

After that I am going to change a few code things (I won't get into it because it's kinda confusing) to make it easier on me later to work on it, then I will release a beta.

The original beta will be somewhat stable, but expect untested code and whatnot, so errors are bound to happen. If you want to try it, I expect it to be out in about 3 weeks or so. I will probably release weekly updates until I can't find any more bugs, then I will go to work converting the (in theory) bug-free code into a portable version.

So basically...
It isn't ready yet, wait about 3 weeks (mid November) for a beta.
The stable version will be out in January for Windows.
I *could* send you like weekly test versions but the errors would just confuse your sister, and then we having a rolling snowball of bad events..."this doesn't work" "this says this" "what do I do here" "why does this say this" (I have been there ;D)

My recommendation:
Wait for the first beta. I am going to check the code as I go along for any errors, so it should be pretty safe. Just a couple more weeks. (Make sure she updates as soon as new versions come out though, to avoid problems! :up:)

thanks Brandon  :up:

A semi-large info bit here, I am going to try and condense this as much as I can...

Right now, I am making EasyChatClear, EasyClock, EasyControl, EasyOpen and the Updater into 4 centralized programs. These are called AppLaunch, AutoType, SystemCare and TaskbarTime. What makes this a big deal is that, instead of a Main Menu, then a program, then options, then more becomes one window. It looks something like the newly released Norton 360 (I am not a Norton fan), with separate sections during different things. This makes it easier to navigate, and presents all the options to the user in one simple interface.

On top of that, AppLaunch is getting a huge boost. Right now I am listing off all the popular web browsers, email clients and media players, and telling AppLaunch to scan for them. So on every start, AppLaunch will check default locations for programs like Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, iTunes, foobar2000, Windows Mail (Vista), Outlook Express (XP), and Thunderbird. So no long list of programs to go through. Just the ones you use. :) As a bonus, it *may* be able to control your media player as well. I am implementing that now, and I will have to test it.

Also, while it was a TIGHT squeeze, the program still fits on 1024x768 (I mean, you might be missing 5 pixels on each side, but it fits).

I am trying to make everything automatically checked, so you don't have to answer questions all the time. The program just looks for it.



EDIT: SnapSuite will only run on Windows 2000 and up. If your computer doesn't meet this requirement then you will be notified and the uninstall procedure will begin.

Hi Brandon,

sounds like a great idea. Would you be so kind and maybe post a screenshot of that 1024x768 plus minus 5 pixels user interface. I am dying of curiosity!



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