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Maybe I get bored a lot, but lately, I have gotten a lot more time on my hands.

When I am not playing games (or doing homework) I am usually at the AHK site, reading on new things. I was looking for a window to enter text to (like a text box) when I found a thing called a GroupBox. I have been looking for it but didn't know what it was called. The last hour I have been working at it, and was able to get a(n) (extremely) basic interface for EasyControl. I mean, Windows 95 basic. Point and click basic. Plug 'n' Play basic. It was too...gray, so I tossed in 16x16 images from the latest version, and it doesn't look half bad. It is...wierd though. A little to basic, IMO. But I do like it.

Take a look at the screenshot and tell me what you think. I think it is a step in the right direction, but I still enjoy the larger interface. Smaller + simpler = more user stupid, however (I have friends who can't find out where the Clean button is...even though it clearly says "Clean/Optimize" in large font...:P). And (usually) that is a good thing. (I even asked and got proof from someone, and they told me that they actually understood what everything did!)

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Thanks all!

EDIT: Ignore the "Reload the script", that is for my personal use only, so I can debug easily and restart EasyControl on-demand

OK- got some good news and some bad news. Bad news affects a small portion of the people using EasySuite, but its still a step backwards.

Good news:
EasySuite is being renamed, along with all the other programs. This conversion is messy, but I have done it before, so its no biggie (so far!).

EasyControl (SystemCare now) is ready to be sent out. I have to confirm everything works after the name conversion, but other then that and one annoying bug (see bad news) all is well.

Bad news:
Support for the portable edition will be dropped due to this mass confusion with renaming. I might bring it back after, depends. You can still copy the unedited setup file to a portable device and take it with you, however.

EasyControl (SystemCare) has a bug with its "radio buttons" (dot buttons). In each box, the buttons are independent of one another. Therefore, you have several annoying dots in the boxes. Not a real bug, but an annoyance.

The setup procedure (for EasyControl/SystemCare) does NOT work (autoinstall of CCleaner, etc)...and I have no clue why. And, obviously, thats not good. *HOPEFULLY* I will have it fixed soon... :S

Now that the title got your attention (if not, read it, laugh, then continue on :P)
:-\, some more pretty boring news. But this bit of info may be interesting to some of DC's other members.

If anyone dropped by the website (visit between ~6:30PM US Pacific Time (GMT -8:00) and now, you may notice a large difference in several things.

1) There are large, blue, awesome-looking (not really :P) buttons with the name "SnapSuite" on them.
2) The buttons have things like "Linux" and "Mac" on them!
3) The buttons link to informational pages
4) The home page is redone, there is a new look to it!
5) There are new colors, and the top of the page looks different

OK, that was a very nice list of changes. What does this mean?

A) The portable version is not going to be dropped (but postponed)
B) There *MIGHT* be a Linux/UNIX and/or Macintosh version. All these versions will lack SystemCare, however.
C) If you read a certain page carefully, you will see that the release date is "2008". This is not a typo. I have several major things to do that I have not talked about on the forum, and that stuff (just the Windows one itself!) will take a while. That, and my dwindling grades (and an upcoming birthday...time to work on those grades, if I want a party)

:P here is some code just to mess around (see "C)" above)

--- ---If %brandon_want_birthday_party% = 1 ;If Brandon wants a birthday party...
GoSub, Bribe_Teacher ;Pay teacher lots of money...
else ;otherwise...
GoSub, Cancel_Party ;no party

If %brandon_do_work% ;If Brandon does work...
ExitApp ;Terminate IMMEDIATELY!

That last line made me laugh, I just had to post it ;D
(I do work, but I just couldn't resist. I need more sleep and less caffeine)

Hi wreckedcarzz,

I would like to take your offer for online help with my problem: After the log on, my computer takes a long time to show the toolbar that is situated at the left screen edge. Not the one that has the start button and clock, but one that appears when dragging and dropping a folder there. I have been trying to find the reason for the delay since about two weeks or so, when I first noticed it.

Do I have to book an appointment? I guess you need administrator rights, when using remote assistance. Is that right? Do I have to download certain software beforehand, so that you can get started. I would not like to waste your precious time with boring tasks like that.

OTI have found the following little typo:

Should be Run,%ProgramFiles%\Opera\Opera.exe

edit: I just realized this is probably an old version (EasyOpen rather than AppLaunch) but I got it today from your webpage.

Thank you very much in advance.


Hi Wolf!

Sure, that would be no problem to speed up the initial loading of stuff, its a quick job.

I have homework now and again, but rarely (I caught up). I am online from about 3:30PM-11:00PM -7:00GMT (US Mountain time, no daylight savings (Arizona)) on weekdays, and weekends from about 10:00AM-12:00AM (14 hours).

Administrator rights are...not (?) needed, but I would say yes just in case.

You just need CrossLoop (beta) from to let me connect. Your anti-virus software may say it is a virus (false-positive) due to it using WinVNC. Just allow it (disable security software for the best effect).

Time isn't a biggie with me, I have no tight schedule to keep :). So don't worry about that.

If you have any Instant Messenger service, that is a huge help (AIM/AOL, MSN/WLM, Yahoo, IRC (for here @ DC), ICQ) so that getting connected initially is a LOT easier, and communicating in the event of a crash/system failure/etc occurs.

About the error: I did not have Opera installed when I made the code, just remembered that. Assuming you installed Opera to its default directory, could you please give me the full path (w/ filename) to the Opera exe?

EDIT: I read the error wrong, I will so a search for "ProgranFiles" on the code right now :) thanks for pointing that out
EDIT 2: All fixed, the next version will have the patch for the typo :Thmbsup:



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