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DOH! We have a problem!

Please do NOT use the built-in updater, it will FAIL. I know the problem and am working on it now. Sorry about that :-[.

OK, problem fixed. :) You will need to update manually this time, but after this it should run fine.

Make sure to close all (CompuTech) programs before running the installer! An uninstall is not needed.

EDIT: Never mind, I have problems out the wazoo here ;D, I will work on it tomorrow- sorry again! :-[

OK, back after school with some less embarassing news :)

I found and fixed the small bug, and was able to (finally!) add some old (as in lying around for a while) vista-style pictures to EasyControl, making it more pleasing to the eye. I am going to test EVERYTHING in the next hour or so, and make sure that there are NO problems. HOPEFULLY, all goes well. :Thmbsup:

OK, all is working well. :D

- I tuned how EasyControl utilizes IE (7 only) to check for MS Updates. It should work a lot better now.
- I removed a line of code when running an Automatic Optimization with EasyProtect Disabled where it would tell you that it is starting JkDefrag. Not sure how that slipped away from me.
- I made all the tray bubbles silent w/ little icons on them
- I seem to (still) have a problem with the EasyClock icon (as both an icon and in EasySuite). It does not show up for some reason, and I am 100% sure it is not a programming problem. I will have to talk to Ham and see what the deal is. :-\
- When you now Update via the built-in updater OR save the setup program to your desktop when installing/updating, EasySuite cleans up after itself by deleting the setup file! :)

OK, I am uploading it now. I didn't find any bugs and all looks well, so this is officially "CompuTech EasySuite 2.2"

TTU (Time To Upload):
Approx 5 minutes

Enjoy (with no embarassing bugs this time!)

(FYI I will be removing all images above to save bandwith/DC webspace, just with this one picture below)

EDIT: Yes, I did notice that it still says 4.0. :( I JUST CAN'T WIN!!! :P

OK, very very very basic update this time (just news update, no update update)

I am just going to work on making ALL the GUI's more compact and graphical, and also (probably) rename the programs. I have many many many (I mean 20+) programs that I am working on here and there when I scan my folder and get an idea. However, I think one of theme will be released with the next update in a couple weeks (more on that later).

Anyways, about renaming. I assume everyone else is also sick of the "EasyXYZ" naming idea I came up with, so I just got a spur of brainpower (you can smell the smoke, I am sure :P)...

These are just ideas, but I can't take writing Easy Easy Easy Easy Easy over and over and over anymore, I am dying of it ;D

(Old Name -> New Name)
CompuTech EasyChatClear -> CompuTech AutoType

CompuTech EasyClock -> CompuTech AutoTime

CompuTech EasyControl -> CompuTech SystemCare

CompuTech EasyOpen -> CompuTech AppLaunch

CompuTech Maze Craze -> CompuTech Maze Craze

CompuTech EasySuite > CompuTech ... AppSuite...? :huh: :read: :tellme:

--- End quote ---

Just tossing out ideas; I am NOT creative so...yea...anything goes really :)


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