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SnapSuite program family/Free online computer help

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My vote goes to the original version!
- because of the text and the easy-to-identify update button.

But version 2 is a little 'nicer' to look at, though.


Comic Sans MS font (same as EasyControl) so that it is easier to read?

Oh, I was blur...

I didn't mean the font, but what the text is telling:

SnapSuite program family/Free online computer help

I would say you should keep this text - but still the third picture is nicer to look at, I think.
But of course, compromises can be good.  :up:

Ah, ok. I might be able to develop a type of news-system or something in a window to the side that presents information like that, depends on how well it works out. :-\

OK, beta build time.

I am uploading a beta version of EasySuite that includes several updated components. The main updates are...

New EasySuite GUI
New GUI uses Comic Sans MS 12 point font Updater bug resolved
EasySuite now uses the selection "dot" buttons in place of the large, bulky buttons
EasyControl now runs quieter, CleanUp! is now silent (and will now FINISH cleaning before continuing operations :)) and there are less traytips
Removed annoying traytip "Please donate" countdown on first run. Had Vista bug where it would flash (VERY annoyingly).

There are a couple things here and there but thats most of it.

This version removes a lot of useless code and whatnot so it *should* be smaller (I have not yet checked, but logically it should be). is a whopping 1KB smaller :o ;D

The link on the website WILL go to the beta setup, so you CAN get EasySuite to update normally and get the beta. There are a couple things I need to change in the next day or so (setup versions, cleaning old GUIs out, etc) but it is there if you just HAVE to get it :P.

Link: EasySuite Setup.exe


EasyUpdate (<-- I couldn't resist ;D, I have a serious problem with the word "Easy" :-[ :P)
Click your Update button in EasySuite and let it do the work!



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