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RealWorld Photos and Paint.COM released


Hello coders,

few days ago me and my brother have released 2 graphic applications:

RealWorld Photos and Paint.COM released

RealWorld Paint.COM is a general purpose freeware graphic editor with simple user interface, but not so simple internals. Supporting layers with assigned effects, gamma-aware blending, Vista-glass-like effects, mouse gestures, sub-pixel precision, etc. As you might have guessed it is build on COM and does not require .net framework...


RealWorld Photos is focused on retouching of photographs and batch image processing (while of course having all the capabilities of its freeware sibling mentioned above). It can do lossless and partially-lossless changes to .jpg files and batch processing of photos can be done using droplets - just drag and drop files or folders on a desktop icon and all is done.


Here is one of the retouching tutorials:



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