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Mircryption/XChat 0.4.0-alpha w/ DH1080 Key Exchange !

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Yes, you read correctly.
It's been done.

grab the changed code from
or directly from

this is by NO MEANS an official new mcps/xchat version!
this code is alpha, probably has bugs, might be insecure, blow up in your face.
it also depends on the OpenSSL library for doing the diffie-helman key agreement

i'm posting this here because i need your input and support.
if you're using mircryption with xchat and you feel confident enough to do so, please go ahead and test this code.

if you find any bugs or have suggestions, please contact me.

known bugs:
- doesn't use the name of the current query window if no parameter to /keyx is given (workaround: use /keyx NICKNAME)

known issues:
- there are some return values, mostly from the OpenSSL functions that aren't being checked yet. this has to be done.
- makefile for windows needs to be modified
- only tested on linux x86_64
- doesn't compile on intel macs (known issue with all versions of mircryption/xchat)

i should note a few things that are different in the way i implemented DH1080

- there can only be one key exchange at the same time (to prevent mix ups of public keys)
- there is a 7 second timeout in which B has to answer to A's request to exchange keys
- there is a new command "DH1080_ABORT <reason>" to ignore requests with an optional reason

that's it, this doesn't break compatibility with either fish or mcps/mirc

UPDATE! 2009-01-10
thanks to dev00 ( there's now a windows build of the (latest) inofficial mircryption version.
this enables windows users to use the DH1080 keyexchange!
since I don't run windows, I haven't had a chance to test it yet myself.

There's a binary as well as source code with a working visual studio project available from
The binary version is dynamically linked against OpenSSL 0.8.9i from which you'd have to install.

amazing. people have actually been asking for this for a long time.

Ubuntu and debian users need to install the package libssl-dev. This, and all the other packages one needed before.

So far it seems to work on my 32bit ubuntu
--- ---/keyx hadez was successful.


you may know that i added a cbc mode of key exchange for mircryption mirc, that will create a random cbc mode key instead of an old-style ecb style key, if both users are using mircryption mirc.  when you get a chance it would be great if you can implement this for your key exchange as well.  should require very little work it's just a matter of seeing if the other person returns an acknowledgement that they also support cbc and then prefixing a cbc: to the key set if so.

you may know that i added a cbc mode of key exchange for mircryption mirc,[...]-mouser (May 01, 2007, 05:02 PM)
--- End quote ---

i'd have to take a look at it first, but it sounds nice.
i'll add it to my todo for future features :D


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