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recent post link to topic start instead

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I just noticed I always press the home key after opening topics. When we go to the recent topics list and click on a topic title we get sent to the last reply. It's good to see what the latest addition is but I think it would be better to get the context of the topic as it is unlikely we've already read it. So from that point of view it would make more sense to go to the topicstart instead.

Not a biggie but maybe something to think about.

funny I've been thinking of requesting this very behaviour (getting sent to the last post) for All Unread
which I tend to use rather than recent posts

Suppose it depends if you check in regularly or not which behaviour you might prefer -
and maybe on length of thread  :-\

I agree with tomos - I use 'unread posts' and get frustrated having to scroll (or hit END) to read the latest updates.

Semantically it makes sense to me that...

* If I ask to see the unread posts, i want to see the latest replies that I've not yet read.
Where as...

* If I ask to see new posts, I just want to catch up on the latest topics, from the start.
I am sure that others will enjoy disagreeing with me :)

For those of you who enter a thread through "unread posts" and want to get to the last post, are you aware that you can do that by clicking on the little page icon at the far right, under the column titled "last post" which also includes the name of the last poster?  Try that.

If you want to start at the beginning, click on the title of the thread; if you want to get to the end, just click on that.

momonan is correct -- it's a little secret but if you click on either the little page icon in the last post column, OR the blue "new" button in the subject column, you go to the last post you read:


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