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i'm a huge fan of the right-click menu, apps with good right-click support and drag-n-drop support always make me happy.

one of the programs that i have the most love for in terms of user interface is Beyond Compare, which we awarded best file compare/merge tool here:

There was some mention here about the venerable Norton Commander.

For those who love it and still use it in Windows XP SP2, there's a little patch that solves a vexing repeat character problem that surfaced when you install Windows XP SP2.

Well, someone (bless his soul) has posted a free patch at

I have used the patch for a few weeks now and it works and is very stable. No problems encountered.

Norton Commander is really useful after all these years despite the lack of development.

I have looked at various clones like xplorer2 etc (with their enhanced feature set) but somehow, I have grown used to this really useful two pane file manager and keep coming back to it. Couldn't live without it. And now it's even better with the patch that solves the command line repeat character problem.

If you are so fond of the Norton Commander way of things then why haven't you moved to Total Commander yet? It's like NC except turbo-charged. :)

Well, that's a good question.

I did try Total Commander a couple of years back, not in great depth I must say to do it justice. But I guess the answer is that Norton Commander did what I needed. To move files, copy files, compare efficiently and besides I do use some other utilities like macros that worked through it's commandline, quickview, an external viewer like metapad that worked well with it.

So you could say I used a DIY turbocharged Norton Commander. Of course I do use other tools like Thumbnail viewers to manage images etc and various other one-trick ponies that do their respective jobs very well.

For example, I looked at xplorer2 which is also another very capable Norton Commander on steriods with a very active forum Yes, it did a lot of other stuff like being able to "flatten" sub-folders so that all files in folders and sub folders can be viewed within the same pane etc. So this is also moving to a swiss knife approach.

So in summary, Norton Commander + others still serve me very well. And it may be the same for others. Someday I may just give it up. But until then...

So the patch is really for people who still want to use Norton Commander and not prepared to let go yet.

Think Ecco (PIM) - there's a big loyal community that still supports it even though NetManage drop the ball a few years back because of Microsoft Outlook's appearance a few years back. Talk about killing innovation.

And since then, there have been various PIMs trying to supplant it - But none so far can match Ecco's pure elegance for it's stated purpose and it still works very well if you are looking for a very capable and flexible outliner.

By the way, if anyone care to investigate Ecco - it's freeware now

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