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Whats the best program to learn typing?

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Miss Helm, my grade 7 typing teacher. I did NOT want to learn how to type. I vehemently objected. I thought it was impossible and a skill that I would never need. She somehow forced me to do it (in retrospect, she must have been one tough chick because I was a monster!). Still not sure how (although, taping over all the keys on all the typewriters was a big factor). Eventually, to my amazement, I was typing!

No computers though, just learned from a typing book.

I didn't see Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor or Typer Tutor (free) anywhere in that typing software comparison.

I would put MasterMind Typing from as the best on the market. It taught me to touch-type more rapidly and acurately than any others I tried (and I tried many!)

The only one I've used is Mavis Beacon and I highly recommend it.

I[ve found Type to Learn 3 to be a pretty good program.

My favorite typing game is "Typing of the Dead". It also offers a typing school and drill section. It's not the best program to learn typing, but probably the most entertaining/motivating one... (if you don't mind the graphics and gameplay).
-wr975 (April 28, 2007, 04:11 AM)
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agree 100% , this game is great, and i wish i had it when i was learning to type.


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