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Whats the best program to learn typing?

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I can bear the shame no longer, and the truth must be revealed - I do not know how to touch type!

I spend the majority of my day, and lets be honest, more time I should at home, in front of a computer. I'm a programmer, and not an author, so I don't need to go 80 words/min, and I've gotten pretty good at -hunt-and-peck, but I want to learn how to type. A quick google search comes up with dozens of programs, each of which would have me believe are the absolute last word in perfection.

I found this site -, which compares some of them.

Well, you've learned to type good in the "hunt-and-peck" method which can be a problem if you now want to type properly IMHO. You'll have to really force yourself not to look on the keys. Perhaps find some way to block the view.

For best program I can't really say anything. As Austrian I'm using a German keyboard and most English keyboard learning tools are useless for me. I've heard of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing quite often and it's no#1 in your typing programs review. So perhaps give it a try. Most programs offer a trial or demo. Just use the program you're most comfortable with.

If you want some typing games, I can recommend "Typing Shark" ( There's a free version online. My favorite typing game is "Typing of the Dead". It also offers a typing school and drill section. It's not the best program to learn typing, but probably the most entertaining/motivating one... (if you don't mind the graphics and gameplay).

Typing Of The Dead looks fun :D

Typing Shark is cute, but when it gets harder, it sucks a bit with non-us keyboards.

hmm, it kinda comes automatically ;-)
you just have to replace "learn typing in 24h" with "learn typing in Xyears" ;-)
never used any software to learn, dunno, i guess i developed my own rules of what key to hit with which finger ;-)

Just "finished" typer shark... 2.485.194 points, "amateur diver" rank, 84 WPM with an accuracy of 93% - level 15. That's on "X-Treme" skill, adventure mode, two bonus levels (and +33% difficulty or so?). Darn it gets hard :)

I originally taught myself touch typing on my dads old mechanical typewriter, luckily with a QWERTY keyboard, so I could transfer that skill directly to PCs  8)


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