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Feature Request V2 — Adaptive History...


The history does not count the number of times a particular item has been selected. So if I have two shortcuts to launch the same application but with different options, and run both they have more or less the same scores. Now if I start using one more than the other, the scores don't change as both are in the history. Only by manually editing the history can I increase the weighting of one.

I would like the history to adapt to how many times an item was opened, that way the history can auto-tune more accurately track the user's choices.

i think i could do that pretty easily by having an option that adds a certain score to an item each time it is launched from this history list, like just a point or two.  i think that would accomplish what you want, do you think?

Heh heh... I'll be honest, I thought FindRun already did this!  Oh well, live and learn!


Mouser, that is exactly what I was envisaging! You could make it  a part of heuristic scoring and allow the user to assign the score, but just adding a few points per run is perfectly functional. :up:

right, ill let user pick score plus factor.

well what f&r does now is when you use an app it moves it to top of history, where it will get a higher score next time.
but as nontroppo says it doesnt matter how many times youve run it, just that you've run it most recently.


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